Born October 26th, “da boi Phace”, was raised in Wilmington, Delaware. “(da boi) Phace” was just your average kid, running around, getting into trouble. Like a lot of families, especially black, he was raised by a single mother. With two brothers, one older and one younger, it was hard coming up. Surrounded by poverty and illegal activity, it was easy for him to end up on the “wrong path”. His older brother had a lot of run-ins with the law. Never having it all, while enticed by the lifestyle, Phace watched and learned. In turn, he ended up indulging in a variety of things that probably weren’t in his best interest. However, as a young man, determined to support himself, ‘da boi’ felt different.


   Rap/Hip-Hop for da boi Phace, as he came to be known, all started with one song. ‘Dear Mama’ by 2Pac Shakur. When “Me Against The World” was released, his older brother was incarcerated. While in jail, he (Phace’s brother) sent home the cassette along with a letter, asking their mother to listen to the track. I can remember the tears flowing from her eyes as she listened, ‘da boi’ said. It was later that he ended up with the cassette tape, listened to ‘Dear Mama’, and was hooked. He “couldn’t believe how one man’s words could relate to and impact another person’s life SOOO much”.

   Between watching other people rap in ciphers on the corner, and listening to what ever the newest talk of the street was, da boi Phace grew a love and passion for music. He began writing and putting his own skills to the test. Phace listened to all kinds of music. All genres. From R&B to Rap, country music to Rock n Roll, he took an ear to them all.


   It was about 2 years later that da boi Phace was writing his own raps. Over time, his writing and rapping skills improved. After hooking up with another local rapper (Poppa “Popz” Gunnz) from the same block that he was known to frequent, Phace eventually started recording freestyle type tracks. With Popz having his bouts with the law, da boi continued to pursue and better his music. Slowly, his verses evolved into full “songs”. He, Phace, started writing hooks and even bridges (when desired). He began formatting the layout of the tracks that he was recording, and even learning a thing or two about the engineering side. Popz and Phace began a duo rap group that they labeled Tell Nuffin’ Murdah Team (T.N.M.T. for short). They began selling CDs of their rap sessions jus to get some feedback. What they got in return was a following of people who not only liked their music, but LOVED it. Their music went from “the only way that they knew to positively express themselves” to something like a supply and demand business. People throughout the city/state “loved their sound”.

   Speaking about personal experiences and life in general, there was no doubt that they related to the streets, and the streets related to them. From the corner to the studio was a big step. But not big enough for Phace. He wanted more… NEEDED MORE. So with Popz again in trouble with the law, ‘da boi’ went solo. Keeping true to the Tell Nuffin’ Murdah Team created by the two of them, but being by himself, Phace dropped the ‘Murdah Team’ and began reppin’ Tell Nuffin’ Recordz. T.N.R. became his infatuation. Like Jay-Z had Roc-a-Fella, Weezy had Cash Money, and P. Diddy had BadBoys, this was to be HIS empire. To grow and become the next FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH became the mission. From just making “hits for the hood” to making hits for the WORLD became da boi Phace’s goal. He wanted to relate to more than just a hood. da boi wanted to relate to EVERY hood. He wanted to touch the lives of ANY and EVERY person that heard his music. Just like Tupac had spoken to him, Phace wanted to speak to and reach his listeners on a more personal and deeper level.


   “Simply put, I see myself at the top.” da boi Phace often says in his lyrics that he “won’t stop until my name is being mentioned with THE GREATS”. And it appears that those are his true feelings. With his swift punch lines and ‘on the edge’ play on words, he may very well have what it takes to be considered ONE OF THE BEST. From work ethics to wordplay, he’s guaranteed to be a problem in the music world. The crown is his goal, and he says that he won’t stop until it’s where it should be. And he feels that that is WITH HIM.

    Watch Out WORLD!!! HE’Z COMIN